Osho Quotes on Sex, I am not against sex, but I am against sexuality

Osho Quotes on Sex

  1. My whole effort is that all the pleasures of life should be made available to man. My own calculation is that after each seven years, life goes through a completion of a circle, and a change. The first seven years are of childhood, innocence, playfulness, trust. Life is certainly golden… memories of those days haunt people to the very end, because never again in their lives are they able to manage to find something better. The next seven years are the maturing of sex energy. At the age of fourteen, one is sexually mature — mind starts functioning in a totally different way; the body starts functioning in a totally different way. Fourteen is the biological age for man: he is now able to produce children. As far as biology is concerned, man has come of age.
  2. If somebody’s sex is not fulfilled, he may start eating too much. It is now a well-established fact that after marriage women start becoming fat. Not before marriage… strange. It is just that once they get married there is no problem; they have got a lifelong servant. Now they can eat and rest, and they start becoming fat. And the more fat they are, the more their husbands start looking at other women. The more the husbands look at other women, the more they eat — because eating becomes a substitute; they are very much associated. Life begins with sex, but life remains because of food, so sex and food are both associated with keeping life in existence.
  3. And it is strange — why don’t you feel attracted to a fat woman, why are you not attracted to a fat man? There must be some basic reason, and the reason is that the fat man is showing clearly by his fatness that he has replaced sex with food. He is no longer interested in sex, he is interested in food. The fat woman is saying she is not interested in sex; her fatness is a signboard: “Keep off!” — she is going towards the fridge.
  4. I am not against sex, but I am against sexuality. And let me make a distinction: when you feeling very sexual and being possessed by the person, this is not the moment to do anything. Close your doors, meditate on your sexuality. Let it arise, let it come out of the dark night within you. Out of the jungle, let it spread — you watch, you simply watch, you become an unmoving flame of awareness. Soon you will see it has settled again, and your consciousness is burning brighter than ever. You have absorbed it, it has become nectar.
  5. I am not against sex; when you are feeling very prayerful, very loving, go into sex — nothing is wrong — but never be trapped by passion. And see the difference: when you are feeling loving, it is a totally different quality. When you are feeling happy, celebrating, and you would like to share your energy with somebody you love, go make love. But this is not a moment of passion, this is a moment of tremendous warmth. A moment of love, share.
  6. Natural sex is more meditative. There is less fever — more warmth but less fever. Passion is a fever, a state of madness, insanity. Warmth is a state of love. If you can make love, fully alert, your love precesses will help you towards becoming more and more aware, more and more centered.
  7. You will be surprised to know: greedy; people have no sexual problem. That’s why Marwadis have to adopt children. Greedy people don’t have sex-energy: their whole energy moves into greed. Money becomes their love object: they don’t care a bit about women.
  8. My views on sexual ethics are against all the views that have been held up to now. They were all repressive of sex; they were condemnatory and created a split in the human mind. The whole schizophrenia and all the perversions of man are rooted in those wrong sexual ethics. I conceive of sex as a natural phenomenon. There is nothing profane in it and there is nothing sacred in it. It is purely natural life energy of tremendous importance. If you cannot sublimate it, it can destroy you; and it has destroyed humanity. It is the energy man is born out of; everything is born out of it. Naturally there is no higher energy than sexual energy, but biological reproduction is not its only function. The same energy can have different creative dimensions. The same energy, joined with meditative practices, can be sublimated to the highest peak of consciousness — what I call enlightenment. My sexual ethics is not a law, it is love.
  9. To me, if sex is the creative force in the world, it must be nearest to the creative center of the world — whatever name you give to it. Creative energy must be closest to creation, to the creative source of it all. People should be taught the art of converting sexual energy into spiritual enlightenment.
  10. Those who can understand me see clearly that I am the most anti-sex person in existence, because my whole work is to transform sexual energy into spiritual consciousness. The pope can be the sex guru, the shankaracharya in India can be the sex guru, because these are the people who are repressing and teaching that sex should be repressed. Whatever is repressed remains in you, and it takes perverted forms. It may become homosexuality, it may become sodomy; it may take the form of any perversion. The more you repress it, the more it will have to find some way out.  Homosexuality was born in monasteries — it is a religious phenomenon — because religions segregated their monks and nuns, and they were so adamant that men and women should not touch each other, should not talk to each other, should not even see each other. Where will their sex energy go? Nobody has bothered about their sex energy; they have simply been told, “You take the vow of celibacy.” But the vow will not help because the vow is not heard by your biology.
  11. Remember that sex is not in the genitals, it is in your head. There is a center in your head which controls your genitals; so if sex is repressed, it is not a question of the genitals. There have been Christian sects who even cut off their genitals just so that their celibacy was absolute. But that will not make them sex-free, because the real center is in the head, from where sex is just an extension. That’s why you can just fantasize about sex and your genitals will be immediately affected; they are extensions of your mind. And once the mind becomes full of sexuality, then a new thing appears that your religions have created and are responsible for — pornography.
  12. Those who call me the “sex guru” are simply stupid. They don’t understand a simple thing. I repeat again: I am the most anti-sex person in the whole world. If I am listened to there will be no pornography, there will be no homosexuals, there will be no lesbians — there will be no perversions of any kind. And you call me the “sex guru”!