Osho Quotes on Sannyas, Sannyas is a process of going beyond unconsciousness

Osho Quotes on Sannyas

  1. Man needs a healthier religion, a religion which really helps people to laugh, to love, to live; and that’s my effort are — to create dancing sannyasins. The old sannyas was that of renunciation: my sannyas is that of rejoicing. Rejoice and rejoice and rejoice. If you can rejoice wholeheartedly, you have prayed, you have meditated. You are accepted by god only when you are in a dance.
  2. Initiation into sannyas means that now you will look at your life with different eyes, with a different perspective. Each moment is tremendously valuable. It has not to be killed but lived; it has not to be destroyed but loved. And the more deeply you love the moment, the more deeply you go into it, the more is the possibility of having contact with eternity, because eternity penetrates time each moment; it is just behind the moment. If you go deeply into it, time disappears and eternity reveals itself.
  3. The only hope for man is to start looking into the ways of the heart. A great change, a shift, from intellect to intuition, from logic to love, is needed. To be initiated into sannyas means to be initiated out of the world of logic into the world of love.
  4. Becoming a sannyasin means that you are making yourself available to changing this pattern. Sannyas is a gesture that ‘I am ready to do something to change my old gestalt’, that ‘I will not resist the change’, that ‘I will not fight the change’, that ‘I am willing, even if it is painful’ — because if your neck has become stiff then it will take a little time and it will be painful too. But it is tremendously paying.
  5. The mind goes on playing these games and if you are too attached to your mind sooner or later sannyas will have to go: you can choose either sannyas or your mind. If you want to cling to the mind it is only a question of time; sooner or later the mind will convince you. Because sannyas is against the mind, it is a fatal blow to the very roots of the mind, so the mind tries to subvert, to sabotage it.
  6. We never look into our own being, we never use the potential; we remain the seeds. The seeds contain millions of flowers, but it all depends on you. Initiation into sannyas is initiation into this awareness of ‘I contain much more than I am aware of. Whatsoever I am is only the superficial part of whatsoever I can be.’ We are less than we can be. We are only parts of that whole which we can be.
  7. I teach only one thing: awareness, consciousness, witnessing; they are different names for the same key. I don’t teach conscience. Conscience is the old way, the way of the hypocrite. So remember this, that only one thing is really virtuous, and that is becoming as aware as you can manage. Put your total energy into awareness. Then it goes on growing. It is a never-ending process, it is an eternal pilgrimage. Let sannyas be the first step towards it.
  8. Divine happiness is that happiness which comes but never goes. It is not of time, it is part of eternity. And when you are really happy, not in a momentary way, the blessing has happened. Now one can feel the blessing of being alive, and because of that feeling one can bless the whole existence too. Let sannyas become a search for divine happiness and blessing. Sannyas is nothing else but that search.
  9. The whole purpose of my work: to help you to become utterly empty so that god can have some space in you, otherwise so much rubbish, so much unnecessary furniture, is there that there is no space left. My whole work consists of creating a space in you —  that’s what sannyas is all about — and once that space is ready you need not do anything else. That very space is enough to pull the divine into you, that very space becomes a magnetic, gravitational force….
  10. There are only two ways in life: one that goes outwards in search of happiness and the other that goes inwards in search of bliss. To be a sannyasin means that now you will be searching for bliss instead of happiness, that now you will turn inwards. Sannyas is a decision to move into one’s own being, to see one’s own inner sources. It is a conversion, a one-hundred-and-eighty-degree turn. It is trying to face oneself, trying to know ‘Who am I?’ The moment you look into your own being a great surprise is waiting for you. There is great joy waiting for you just to turn in and tune in. It is yours, and then no-one can take it, even death cannot take it away from you. It is eternal.
  11. That is the basic message of sannyas: to live life without any idea of purpose, meaning, profit, to just live it for the sheer joy of living it, loving it for the sheer joy of loving it. It is life for life’s sake: no goal, no purpose, no destination. Great freedom happens. When you are free of the obsession for meaning, you are really freedom.
  12. Sannyas is a process of going beyond unconsciousness. It is the alchemy of transforming the unconscious into consciousness, of transforming darkness into light, of transforming death into eternal life.
  13. Being initiated into sannyas means you are moving into a totally different world. It is as if one has lived in the desert and suddenly one has found a small oasis. The oasis has different laws. The world of sannyas is an oasis. Its fundamental law is love.
  14. This is what sannyas is all about. Nothing else has to be changed: only something in the inner world, the inner approach, the inner light. The whole world remains the same. I don’t teach renunciation, that you have to leave this and that. You live the same life, you live in the same life, you live in the same world, but if you bring awareness to your acts your world is transformed. It is not the same world, although it is the same.
  15. Sannyas is only a gesture from your side that you are available to go inwards, that you are ready to learn the art, that you are ready to take the risk. It is going into the unknown, so it is risky, but ultimately tremendously paying.